What to Look For In Real Estate Investing by Stanley Xu

For those who know what they are doing and have been in the real estate development industry for a while, real estate investing and development can be a very lucrative business. The developers that are usually making money do so by knowing their immediate market and understanding their market trends. They are familiar with the location and the history of their properties, and they know what new developments are up and coming. They know everything about the area because they take the time to do the research and familiarize themselves with their community.

Some tips that may help a new investor understand the market is to study the current price trends in the area. Find out if the average price is higher in one area versus neighboring areas. Review the price of homes to determine if listing prices in one area are higher than in others. This will help give a better idea of the area with the biggest demand and highest return. As a developer or an investor, you should also be on the look out for the development of infrastructure in an area. If you notice new schools and roads are being built, it could usually mean that the community is growing and investing in these communities usually means a high return on your investment.

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Most investors will also warn that buying in an up and coming community could also mean a rise in taxes. It would be wise to call the local tax assessor to find out how taxes are calculated. It would also help to understand at what point or what action may trigger a reassessment in taxes. Most commonly this occurs when a property is transferred and taxes are reassess based on the new assessed value of the property.

Stanley Xu, a real estate developer in Bellevue, Washington, is very familiar with the best practices associated with investing in real estate. Doing the research on an area and a property is key to making an informed decision on the next property you want to invest in.  Stanley will utilize local resources to help determine the areas that are currently up and coming. One key takeaway is that in order to be successful in real estate investing, it is important to do the research and thoroughly understand all aspects and risks involved with your next investment.  Stanley Xu founded The Longwell Company, a local real estate development and investment firm based in Bellevue, Washington.

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Stanley Xu – Deciding On Property Development Locations

People who work in the real estate industry may tell you that the investment is the most important thing to consider when investing. If you’re looking for the right site and location for your property, then make sure you are considering the community surrounding it. Picking the right location makes more of a difference than you’d think. It is safe to say that the investment funding itself is going to determine the level of upgrades, amenities and service being provided. However, the location deems whether or not the location is desirable and profitable.

The right location is critical, and it is the most important factor for business success. If a walk in traffic or convenience is a big factor in your businesses’ success, then consider local retail and downtown property where foot traffic is in abundance.

If you’re looking to build apartment complexes for small families, then look for land properties near schools, shopping centers, and parks. The site needs to be considered for basic local infrastructures such as hospitals, highways, transportations, schools and hospitals. Of course lighting is critical so knowing the direction the land is facing is very helpful.

You should assess the current state of the land and property. If there are repairs, land maintenance, waste removal and tree removal costs to consider, you will want to factor that into your budget. Having a general idea of the weather patterns for each season can also help you decide on the materials you are going to use to renovate and upgrade.

Stanley Xu is a successful real estate developer because he researches properties and assesses every cost prior to purchase.

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A Breakdown of Property Management Fundamentals by Stanley Xu

The fundamentals of property management are essential to investment properties and their success. Property management is more than just a service or maintenance call; it is essential a code of ethics and responsibility that must be addressed. The same way large retail businesses must keep their customers happy, the property investor must have property management services to keep the tenant happy. Integrity in life and business helps to develop rooted relationships and transparent communications. If you plan to be successful, take the time to build partnerships with local business and community programs that can help elevate your standing in the community.

When you are finally ready to make improvements to your property, you will need to turn to lenders and investors who can help you raise capital.

Stanley Xu

Making significant improvements in properties in surrounding regions can be beneficial to the community appeal. Of course, there are never safe bets but you can do your due diligence in research and find the right property for you and the community. If you stick to the right guidelines, you will build a real estate investment business foundation that is strong and prosperous.

The most precise path to success is possible by spending time focused on cost-effective repairs and upgrades. You can only achieve this level of success with a high-quality property management team. If you ensure the upkeep of the property, you are sending tenants and the local community a clear message that you care. Focusing on steady upkeep helps the local community and other property owners to upkeep and meet the same high standards. It’s a win for everyone locally, and you continue to add value to your property.

In the early 1990’s, Stanley Xu founded the Longwell Company to take advantage of the real estate market boom in the greater Seattle Metro Area.

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Stanley Xu – Maintaining Long-Term Real Estate Relationships

Starting a real estate investment and development firm can be a rewarding experience. The goal should be to improve the properties acquired and turn profits for your company and investors. It is essential to build lasting relationships with others in the real estate industry so they can help bring in the best services and ideas for your investment projects. It’s important to maintain honesty and integrity when working on development projects, as you want what is best for all parties involved.

Honesty and integrity are the foundations for building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships.  It is helpful to carefully calculate your investments and do as much research on the local community as possible in order establish the potential of your investment project. Part of this process is spending time with the tenants of the properties you will acquire.

Stanley Xu

Establishing those relationships will help you gain insight on how best to improve these properties. Residents would like to know where you are coming from and what your intentions are.  It is important to take care and maintain the property for the tenants so they will want to stay and occupy your investment property.

In 1992, Stanley Xu founded The Longwell Company.  The Longwell Company was a real estate development firm that would acquire older apartment complexes and upgrade them.  The Longwell Company now owns over 2,200 apartment units in the Seattle area where the company is based. Stanley Xu and his team are always looking for their next apartment building project so they can improve the community for the sake of their residents and their investors.

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Stanley Xu – Successful Founder of “The Longwell Company”

Stanley Xu with his wife, Nanling Chen co-founded his real estate and development firm, The Longwell Company in 1992 iin Bellevue.

Stanley Xu Starting The Longwell Company in Seattle from Stanley Xu

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Stanley Xu – Starting an Investment Business

If you have your eye on property and have ambitions to manage properties and turn a profit you will need a few specific things before getting started. For starts, you will need to do a lot of research. You will need to learn to practice patience. You will need a history of success and business management expertise. A thorough understanding of the legal and financial implications of running an investment business can go a very long way for you. Investment businesses have to secure funding, develop business plans and station themselves at a local headquarters office.

There is more to real estate investment than purchasing and profiting on a great property. The best Investors have a long-term strategy that assured investors you are building a profitable business. The investor has to have a long-term strategy that serves as a strong foundation in the community and helps drive value to local residential neighborhoods.

Stanley Xu

Once you understand your market, you must research properties and neighborhoods to identify if they fit the profile you have designated. If you are looking for family friendly units, then you will want to consider local schools. If you are looking for retail based business properties, then you’ll want to know all of the local zoning laws, water restrictions and permits necessary. The focus of the research should be to focus on determining if all the local amenities, developing land and statistics meet your profile match.

Often factors such as poorly developed businesses, poorly rated schools, and violent crime can hinder a property from developing and becoming a profitable, growing business. It is also mission critical that you make certain you’ve researched work and employment rates in the county and state of your choice to make sure salaries are commensurate with your required rental fees.

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Stanley Xu – Tips on Borrowing Money for Real Estate Development

Real estate development can be a rewarding career. Real estate developers can help contribute to revitalizing residential, commercial and recreational sites for a community which is why local community leaders and government hire developers. With this in mind, real estate developing can be very beneficial to those who are skilled and knowledgeable in this industry. However, for those just starting out, costs involved in developing can be high and most people starting out in this industry do not have the starting capital to get off the ground. For potential real estate lenders and investors that you may look to for help in lending you the funds to get your development business going, it is important to show that you know the business and show your relevant experience. Some ideas to help you gain experience would be to shadow a property developer that has been in the business for a while, taking some apprenticeship program, or volunteering to be involved on a development project within the community.

Part of gaining experience would be to research your own project and putting together the necessary budget, time frame and plans to complete the project. It is important to include the wages, insurance, the price of the land, the materials, and any other costs for developing the project. In a real estate business plan, present your calculations to the lender so they can see what risks and returns they may expect. Reviewing the financial specifications and requirements will give the lender a sense of how much or less they may be risking on the project.Stanley-Xu real estate

It may also be beneficial to check to see if there areany property development grants or loans. With a high demand for eco-friendly environments, private and public sector lenders and investors are looking for properties with these qualities. Once you have presented to the lender of your choice, you will also prepare and submit your loan application. Since each lender is different, be sure to find out what documentation you need to submit to the lender in order to process your application in a timely manner.

Stanley Xu a real estate expert in developing properties. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Longwell Company, a real estate development firm, Stanley is very familiar with the process of obtaining loans for property development projects.  The Longwell Company is based out of Bellevue, Washington.  Stanley has built a solid strategy for his real estate development projects and has been successful in creating a high return on investment on his projects.

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