Stanley Xu – Quality Management

Stanley Xu founded the Longwell Company to take advantage of the real estate market boom in the early 1990’s in the greater Seattle Metro Area. He founded his company in Bellevue, Washington, at the time an up-and-coming small city just east of Seattle. Today, Bellevue is one of the most affluent Seattle suburbs, and it continues to expand with more real estate development. The Longwell Company has an excellent investment record with its partners because it operates on potential and provides quality management to the residents of the properties it buys and sells.

The Longwell Company founded by Stanley Xu has a standard practice after it acquires a property. Part of that practice is to improve the amenities and the building itself for its residents. The Longwell Company turns B-rated properties into A-rated properties with lower rents. The company can do this by focusing on cost-effective repairs and renovations and a first-rate property management team. Stanley Xu believes that the best way to add value to a real estate property is to ensure its upkeep. Responsible property managers respond to residents when repairs or upgrades need to made.

Stanley Xu believes in honesty and integrity in his life and his business. He forges partnerships with many business interests and lenders that can help him improve many more properties in the greater Seattle area. At its height, The Longwell Company owned over 2,200 apartment units in Metro Seattle, with a few buildings in Dallas, where the company is trying to expand. Xu invests in the potential of people and property with his company, and his investments are known for being safe.

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About Stanley Xu

Stanley Xu is a specialist in land arrangements. His land improvement and venture firm, The Longwell Company, buys and updates flat structures in the Seattle territory and offers them following three years. Stanley Xu enhances the property over his venture period and as a rule holds a benefit once he exchanges it. Some piece of his prosperity is ascribed to his sharp arrangements aptitudes and his capacity to distinguish potential properties that fit his objective building profile. He rehearses strict purchasing rules and leads careful exploration on the properties he is occupied with.
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