Stanley Xu – Deciding On Property Development Locations

People who work in the real estate industry may tell you that the investment is the most important thing to consider when investing. If you’re looking for the right site and location for your property, then make sure you are considering the community surrounding it. Picking the right location makes more of a difference than you’d think. It is safe to say that the investment funding itself is going to determine the level of upgrades, amenities and service being provided. However, the location deems whether or not the location is desirable and profitable.

The right location is critical, and it is the most important factor for business success. If a walk in traffic or convenience is a big factor in your businesses’ success, then consider local retail and downtown property where foot traffic is in abundance.

If you’re looking to build apartment complexes for small families, then look for land properties near schools, shopping centers, and parks. The site needs to be considered for basic local infrastructures such as hospitals, highways, transportations, schools and hospitals. Of course lighting is critical so knowing the direction the land is facing is very helpful.

You should assess the current state of the land and property. If there are repairs, land maintenance, waste removal and tree removal costs to consider, you will want to factor that into your budget. Having a general idea of the weather patterns for each season can also help you decide on the materials you are going to use to renovate and upgrade.

Stanley Xu is a successful real estate developer because he researches properties and assesses every cost prior to purchase.


About Stanley Xu

Stanley Xu is a specialist in land arrangements. His land improvement and venture firm, The Longwell Company, buys and updates flat structures in the Seattle territory and offers them following three years. Stanley Xu enhances the property over his venture period and as a rule holds a benefit once he exchanges it. Some piece of his prosperity is ascribed to his sharp arrangements aptitudes and his capacity to distinguish potential properties that fit his objective building profile. He rehearses strict purchasing rules and leads careful exploration on the properties he is occupied with.
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