About Stanley XU

Stanley Xu the founder and CEO of Longwell Company, a real estate corporation based in Bellevue, Washington. Five years ago, Xu approved the purchase of the Conner Building in downtown Bellevue. Together, Xu and Longwell developed the previously two-story Conner Building into a high-rise providing luxury apartments. Since 1992, Xu has grown Longwell Company, which now owns over 2,000 apartment units in the Puget Sound area and Dallas.

Stanley Xu is the genuine’s author home improvement and venture firm The Longwell Company. Set up in 1992 in Bellevue, Washington, Stanley saw a ton of potential around there of Seattle. The territory was at that point known for its hearty land market, which comprised of memorable structures and top of the line homes. Stanley has aided add to a few properties in the Bellevue and Seattle zone. Two of his most remarkable ventures were the Conner Building in downtown Bellevue and The Madison at Fairwood in Renton. Stanley endeavors to enhance the properties’ majority he procures before he exchanges them. This typically brings about higher returns for his financial specialists and a higher degree of consistency of inhabitants.

In 1992, Stanley Xu established The Longwell Company, a land venture and advancement firm based out of Bellevue, Washington. The Longwell Company buys Class-B loft buildings in entrenched areas and enhances them to Class-A condo units without antagonistically influencing the occupants and evaluating them out of their homes. More often than not following a three to five year speculation period, Stanley will offer the property. This more often than not returns his organization more benefit because of the increment in quality and aides guarantee their financial specialists get good profits for their ventures. Stanley’s venture model depends on tolerance and genuineness, which can advantage both the speculators and the inhabitants.

Stanley Xu

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