Stanley Xu – Real Estate Development Business

Stanley Xu consolidated a keen speculation method to begin his land advancement firm not long after he moved to Bellevue, Washington. Stanley Xu utilizes persistence when he purchases a property so as to give himself the vital time to precisely assess the potential venture property. The fundamental property sort his organization concentrates on is condo structures in which he can oversee and enhance. His method and organization plan of action is to include overhauls and enhancements that expand the property’s estimation and also help hold quality occupants. Stanley Xu typically diagrams a three-year course of events for changes and quality increment before he offers his speculation property keeping in mind the end goal to expand on the property’s maximum capacity esteem.

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Stanley Xu – Real Estate Property Expert

Stanley XU is a real estate property expert who founded The Longwell Company with His wife in 1992 in washington. He has over 15 yrs of experience in building modern apartments and buildings.

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Stanley Xu – Property Improvements Bring in Value

Upgrading and improving a property can revitalize it and potentially increase the value. The real estate industry can be an extremely competitive market, so it can help to successfully sell your property if recent upgrades have been made. It helps to know experts in the industry like contractors who can help make the necessary improvements and property managers who can manage and maintain the property and the tenants who may occupy the property. Good and successful property managers like Stanley Xu provide excellent service to their residents. Having a decent property manager can be beneficial because a well-maintained property is more valuable for resale than one that has fallen into disrepair. Also, residents prefer a responsive and responsible property manager. When your residents are pleased, then they will most likely continue to rent from you, which can secure long-term residual income.

Stanley Xu Green Investment

It is important to remember that this type of investment and business can take a while to build up in order to see any profit or increase in value. The overall goal should be to improve the community and revitalize properties. Doing this will just benefit your investments more since the community as a whole is being improved and growing. While it is important to turn your investments into profitable business ventures, it’s also important to benefit the community and people of the community at the same time.

Stanley Xu in Seattle area, has been investing and developing real estate in the for over twenty years.  He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Longwell Company, which he started with his wife in 1992. Stanley has taken on several real estate ventures throughout the Bellevue and Seattle area with a strategic investment strategy that has garnered him impressive gains over the years.

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Stanley Xu – Marketing Your Real Estate Development Business

Stanley Xu a successful real estate developer, you need to effectively market yourself. To give yourself the best chance of success, you need to blend tried and true marketing tactics with new, modern online social marketing medium. Whether you are new to the industry or are a seasoned pro, the one piece of marketing that you have to have is a website. If you are just starting out, this can be a simple one- to three-page site that you can build upon as your company grows. It is important to play up your strengths and the services you offer.

Most real estate development businesses build their client list from leads. While you can certainly buy a list to work from, you will have more success building a list from people you have met through networking events or connections you are in contact with via social media. Once you make a connection, it is important to keep in touch with them and reinforce your company’s services. While you are busy running your company, you need to take some time to establish yourself as an expert. This can be done by writing blogs and articles utilizing keywords and search engine marketing. If you don’t have the time to take on the responsibility yourself, hire a copywriter to help, you create content that resonate with your prospects.

Set a realistic budget. Even the smallest websites can be expensive. Your website will most likely be the first time a prospect sees you, so you want it to look good. Studies suggest that 75 percent of people judge a company based on their website, let your site speak for your credibility. Stanley Xu, an experienced real estate developer in Bellevue, Washington has successfully marketed his business for 20-years.

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Stanley Xu – The Basics of Real Estate Development

There are many different aspects of real estate development. It involves anything from purchasing land and the construction or the renovation of buildings. Real estate developers, take the lead in the project overseeing the coordination of the process. While the entire development process can be complex, it can simply be seen as looking at the market for viable properties, purchasing the lot, developing the area or building, and selling it for a profit.

The first step to becoming a real estate developer like Stanley Xu is to purchase a piece of property that you believe you can develop and sell for a profit. Once you find this, you will need to start creating a plan and decide what you want to do with the property. There are many possibilities. However, you want to choose the one that will afford you the greatest reward.

When creating your plan you need to consider the area. If you purchased property in a commercial area, then you don’t want to build a house. It would be more beneficial to your bottom line if you were to build a commercial building or an apartment building with the ground floor reserved for shops. This will raise the value of the property because you can rent to a large number of people. After you finalize the plan, you can gather your team and begin construction. Stanley Xu is a real estate developer in the Seattle area with a knack for turning ordinary properties into excellent investments. For twenty years, Stanley has improved thousands of properties, reaping large profits for his company, Longwell Company.

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Stanley Xu – Local Property Investment

You must commit yourself and your team to investing wisely in properties that can be renovated and managed efficiently with quality service. Do this and you will add value to the property when it comes time to sell with a great return on investment for investors. Make the extra effort to get to know the local community and improve the properties you are Stanley Xu invests in renovations and responsive property management services. Always look for the future and to the potential of any property you are investing. Your investment should be based on the property, along with potential improvements and the potential of the neighborhood around the property.

Make wise real estate investments says Stanley Xu, by using a long-term vision and commit to the improvement of your investments. Your practice should have a strategy that adds value to undervalued properties with potential but also has flexibility. You will greatly benefit if you have a Plan B or Plan C should things change in the market. You need to consider more than just the potential in all of your investments and decisions; you should also consider a contingency plan. Make the effort to contribute to the real estate scene while making your investors and lenders happy.

Stanley Xu of the Longwell Company, a real estate investment and development firm, has been involved in the purchase and sale of many properties near his adopted home in Bellevue, Washington. He has owned as many as seven large apartment buildings in the area. Some of these properties include The Conner Building in downtown Bellevue and The Madison at Fairwood in Renton, just South of Seattle. Xu also purchased and refurbished a large apartment building in West Seattle previously owned by Mastro Properties.

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Stanley Xu – Property Management Basics

Managing Properties should be a standard practice after you acquire a property. Like any business, service is crucial to the satisfaction of your tenants. Part of that practice is to improve the amenities and the building itself for its residents. You should aim to fix low rated properties into top notch cream of the crop properties with affordable rents. If you just spend some time focusing on cost-effective repairs and renovations and a first-rate property management team, then you will see success very quickly. The best way to add value to a property is to ensure its upkeep. Responsible property managers like Stanley Xu responded to residents when tenants needed repairs or upgrades.

There should always be a code of ethics involved in this type of work. Honesty and integrity in life and his business can help develop strongly rooted relationships and open communication. Take the time to build partnerships with other local businesses and community interests. Investors and Lenders can help you improve many more properties in the surrounding region which can be beneficial to the appeal of your community. Take the time to invest in the potential of the local community and the property. There is no safe bet but if you follow those guidelines you should have a strong foundation for a prosperous real estate investment business.

Stanley Xu founded the Longwell Company to take advantage of the real estate market boom in the early 1990’s in the greater Seattle Metro Area. He founded his company in Bellevue, Washington, at the time an up-and-coming small city just east of Seattle. Today, Bellevue is one of the most affluent Seattle suburbs, and it continues to expand with more real estate development. The Longwell Company has an excellent investment record with its partners because it operates on potential and provides quality management to the residents of the properties it buys and sells.

Stanley Xu

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